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Welcome to the Swiftly API docs.

Swiftly is a big data platform designed for transportation agencies, operators, and passengers. Swiftly aggregates and normalizes data about a transit system then surfaces real-time information and historical insights, allowing agencies to make their systems more efficient & reliable and empowering them to deliver highly accurate vehicle arrival predictions for riders.

This guide is designed to provide you with everything you need to familiarize yourself with Swiftly’s real-time transit data, and if authorized, to access the data via API.

API Overview

Swiftly Transitime APIs provide real-time vehicle location information in GTFS-rt, JSON, XML, or SIRI formats.

Transit agencies and operators that purchase Swiftly Transtime can provide their real-time transit data to 3rd parties for the purpose of developing applications, websites, and other interfaces to surface real-time transit information.

Swiftly welcomes extending and creating a broad ecosystem of applications using our real-time transit data. All Swiftly API use must be compliant with Swiftly’s Terms of Service and API License Agreement.


Before we dive into the specifics of the Swiftly API endpoints, let’s talk about authorization. All requests to the Swiftly API must be authorized. Authorization is accomplished by including an HTTP header named “Authorization.” The value of this header field must contain a valid API key.

You can obtain a valid API key by licensing Swiftly’s real-time and historical transit data modules, or by receiving permission from an existing licensee. Please contact the Swiftly Team at contact@goswift.ly for more information!